RMA Policy

Quick Guide:
  • Please check with our technical support team before going through the RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) procedure.
  • Having an RMA number is a must to process a return.
  • No cross-shipment for RMA.
  • Please refer to the following RMA related information to understand more about Acme’s RMA policy: Warranty, DOA, missing parts, shipping policy, package tips, and return policy.
Please follow the process below to submit a RMA request:

Step 1 Contact Acme’s technical support team

Sometimes customers may find that the products they received are not working properly and may want to return them. Before requesting for an RMA, please make sure you read the following notices:

  • We suggest you contact our support team(login required) first.
  • Dead on Arrival (DOA) products need to be tested and proved to be defective by an Acme technician before a replacement is sent out.
  • Most of our products are under a one-year Acme limited warranty. After one year, we will charge fees depending on the situation. Please feel free to read our Warranty or contact our RMA departmentfor more information.


Step 2 Apply for an RMA request online, by email, or by fax.

After consulting our technical support team, if the product needs to be repaired, returned, or replaced by an identical one, then customers need to go through the RMA application process and get an RMA number. You can request one online (login your account and find the order that needs RMA)
or fill out an RMA form and send it by email or by fax at (408) 988-9887.


  • An RMA number is required for the procedure. Prior to returning the product(s), customers must receive a return authorization number (RMA number) from Acme’s RMA department. If a package is returned without an RMA number on it, it will be rejected. No returns will be accepted without an RMA number issued by Acme.
  • Assigned RMA numbers will expire 10 days after the issued date. An RMA number will be issued and emailed within two business days, and will expire 10 days from the issue date. If a return authorization expires or is cancelled, it cannot be reissued.


Step 3: Ship product(s) to Acme.

After receiving an RMA number, the customer can ship approved item(s) to our warehouse with the RMA number listed on the shipping label. The RMA number should be clearly visible in the address field on the shipping label using this format: RMA XXXX. Items shipped to us without its corresponding RMA number clearly shown on the shipping label will be refused by our warehouse. Please see our shipping policy and package tips for more information.


Step 4: Acme processes the RAM request after receiving products

When approved item(s) are received and checked in at our warehouse, an Acme technician will determine if the item(s) are defective under the terms of warranty.  Afterwards, Acme may, at its sole discretion and cost, repair, replace, or return the item(s).  This depends on the situation.  Please refer to our return policy for more information.


Step 5: Acme ships fixed products or replacements back to customers.

After our RMA department processes the approved items and decides what to do with these items, Acme will cover the shipping fee and ship it via ground if the new or fixed items need to be shipped back to the customer. Please refer to our shipping policy for more information.


RMA Shipping Policy

If under warranty

U.S. customers only pay for the freight of shipping to Acme, and Acme will pay for the freight of UPS ground shipping back to customers. If a customer needs a faster shipment, the customer will pay the difference in the shipping fee.

Acme Micro is not responsible for product defects, because we do not manufacture the products we carry. However, if you pay to send the item back to Acme Micro we will replace the item and ship the replacement to you at no charge.

International customers need to pay for shipping both ways because of the expensive international shipping freight rate.

If not under warranty

Customers are responsible for the back-and-forth shipping charges of all out-of-warranty units.